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Environmental Justice for ALL Mainers!

Environmental Justice for ALL Mainers!

The Maine Chapter is working with our Northeast Regional Manager to support allies who are leading the charge to pass a Constitutional Amendment that would advance the right to a clean and healthy environment for ALL Mainers.

UPDATE JULY 19, 2021

LD489 was carried over to any possible special or regular session of the 130th Legislature, pursuant to Joint Order HP 1302.

This means that if the Legislature is called back into action for a special session this summer, that the House will have another opportunity to score enough votes to pass this measure forward to the November 2, 2021 ballot. If no such reconvening happens, however, then the bill can be “carried over” into the 2nd session, convening on January 4, 2022.

UPDATE JUNE 15, 2021

Good news! The Maine State Senate voted on April 28, 2021, to pass LD489.

Senator Chloe Maxmin is leading this effort, with support from many environmental and justice groups throughout the State. We are an ally in this effort, and not leading the charge—we stand behind this measure 110%!

On June 14, 2021, the House attempted to call this to the floor but ultimately ran out of time. We anticipate another attempt this week! 

As this is a Constitutional Amendment, a 2/3 majority rather than a simple majority is needed in both chambers.

Give a shout if you'd like to engage with us on building support for passage! 


A work session was held on 4/7/21, where an amendment was voted favorably out of Committee with 10 members voting in favor, and, 3 members against.

To address Constitutional concerns and mitigate the potential for unintended consequences, the amendment that carried strikes sections of the bill and replaces the “Environmental Rights” section, striking the words “recreational, scenic.”  

The Pine Tree Amendment will now move to the floor of both chambers for votes. If it passes it will be printed as a question posed to Mainers on our next Maine State General Election ballot, in November 2021.


NOW is the time to write to your Maine State House and Senate electeds to ask for their support of LD489 when it comes to the floor for a vote!

Find contact information for your state electeds here and please give a shout with any questions!


This resolution, LD489, proposes to amend the Constitution of Maine to provide that every person has a right to a “clean and healthy environment, including pure water, clean air and healthy ecosystems, and to the preservation of the natural, cultural, recreational, scenic and healthful qualities of the environment” (including our beaches!).

This amendment to our Constitution would additionally require the State to “conserve, protect and maintain these 12 resources for the benefit of all the people, including generations yet to come.”

The Surfrider Foundation is committed to fostering a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive world for all people who protect and enjoy the world’s ocean, waves, and beaches. Our success and impact depend on learning from our community, standing in solidarity with our allies, and working toward a more just future, both for our organization and the environmental movement as a whole.

To learn more about LD489 or join our Maine Chapter in supporting this important Constitutional Amendment, which was referred to the Joint Standing Committee on Environment and Natural Resources on February 17, 2021, and came to public hearing on March 8, 2021, at 10AM, please email

In the meantime, read the EIGHTY written testimonials here!

A work session has been set for 3/17/21 at 10am, where the Committee will deliberate the bill and hopefully make a decision on whether or not to recommend it for passage.

Thank you!