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Maine Beach Guardian Program

Beach Guardians - Protecting Maine's beaches & coastline

Beach Guardians  - Maine Chapter
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About the Program

This Beach Guardian program is designed to give volunteers an opportunity to contribute to the sustainability of our coastline, beaches & marine habitats through monthly or quarterly beach clean ups, habitat monitoring and data collection, as well as extreme weather event documentation. Beach Guardians have the flexibility to choose a coastal beach any where in the state of Maine, so whichever location best suits you... IE close proximity to your home, place of work or a beach/coastal area that you already frequent.

The BGP correlates with other Surfrider programs such as our Blue Water Task Force water quality testing program and our habitat restoration team. The data collected & recorded through Surfrider programs allows us to initiate and support environmental policy to help protect our oceans & coastline. This data is also shared with other sustainability and conservation organizations, so the BGP volunteer impact will have a far reaching ripple effect!

Become A Beach Guardian

  1. Choose your location.
  2. Register with the form below.
  3. Email with any questions.
  4. A BGP program lead will reach out to provide more details and answer any questions you may have.
  5. Join the next BGP meeting
  6. Complete 1 beach clean up and monitoring event per month or quarter.
  7. Enter event data into the BGP online database portal.
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Sign up below:

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