Meet Your Surfrider Members!

Check back each month for new interviews with more of our rad Maine Chapter Surfrider members!

November Member Spotlight:
– Chelsea Miller –

Where’s home base for you?
Portland, Maine, but New York is my hometown and will always be special to me.

What pays the bills?
I’m a Communications Specialist at Maine Medical Center.

What is your dream job?
Eating cake. For money.

What ocean activities are you involved in?
Surfing, splashing, wading.

What’s your favorite place in Maine?
Acadia National Park in the shoulder seasons. It’s beauty is unparalleled, and there’s so much to explore. Anyone know surf spots up there?

What is or has been your role with the Maine Chapter of Surfrider?
Active member, lead Santa Surf coordinator, chronic opinion sharer.

What gets you stoked about Surfrider?
Meeting other surfers, and being able to talk endlessly about surfing with others who get it.

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