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A Sunset Soirée on Casco Bay with the SunriseGuide

On Thursday, September 12th, the Surfrider Maine Chapter cruised out on Casco Bay with the folks at Sunrise Guide for their 4th annual Sunset Soirée. Their publications, SunriseGuide, and Green & Healthy Homes Maine, are incredible resources for people in Maine who want to live more sustainably, and be connected to local eco and socially-responsible businesses in the area. 

We were honored (and to be honest, totally psyched) to join them for their end of summer bash as the benefactors of the event’s raffle, and a portion of ticket sales. We danced to lively Creole music, and enjoyed local, organic fare served on compostable plates (there was even a compost bin!) at a totally plastic-free party. Many of the attendees were surfers, and also ocean-lovers of all kinds. People who simply love their coasts and feel moved to care for them. 

Volunteer, Adam Copeland, speaking about Surfrider Maine.

As the sunset over Casco Bay, we were grateful to connect with so many people in Portland who have a passion for the oceans and keeping Maine a beautiful, pristine place for all. It couldn’t have been a better embodiment of Surfrider’s mission to “protect and enjoy” our oceans, coasts, and waterways. 

Heather Chandler, founder of SunriseGuide and Ed Suslovic with Brian Englishman, Surfrider Maine's Volunteer Treasurer, Katherine Englishman, Volunteer Secretary, and Volunteer Adam Copeland.

Thanks again to SunriseGuide, and their founder, Heather Chandler for supporting the Surfrider Maine Chapter with their generous donations!