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2021 Surfrider Maine Chapter Membership Drive!

Calling all Maine ocean lovers!

Members are the heart and soul of the Surfrider Foundation, and it is a great way to directly support the work of your local chapter. We're asking anyone with a love of the ocean and an interest in protecting and enjoying our coastline to consider joining the Maine Chapter during our annual membership drive!

Why does membership matter?

1 - Power in numbers! More members in Maine means we have more influence in passing our local, state, and federal campaigns! AND it means more stoked volunteers to help with the grassroots work that leads to those wins as well as the numerous other ways we work to protect the ocean.

2 - Greater contributions to our overhead costs! Surfrider membership begins with any donation of $25/year or more, and this money is what allows us to operate as a local chapter and work full-time in legislative advocacy.

3 - Building the stoke! Ocean-lovers get to meet other ocean-lovers, talk about ways they've found to steward their beaches, and gain critical skills in local organizing and advocacy. It creates a community of ocean stewards here in Maine.

Ready to join? Click here to join Surfrider, where you'll automatically be added as a member of the Maine chapter and will be added to our email listserv to get our updates. Be sure to include your email in the sign-up!

Just want to learn more? Click here to join our email listserv!

AND as a thank-you for joining during our membership drive (Nov 1-Dec 31st), we'll be picking one person who signs up either as a new member or to our email listserv to win a $100 gift certificate to the surf shop Liquid Dreams in Ogunquit and York!